Chad Van Patten

Hi! My Name is Chad Van Patten, I am a current student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Games & Simulation Arts and Sciences. I am concentrating in 3D modeling and Animation.

3D Animation

Here are examples of my Highlighted 3D Animations!

A Looping Character Idle Cycle

A Looping Character Walk Cycle (Sneak Style)

Inanimate Object Brought To Life Animation

Basic Object Movement Animation


Here is a collection of games I have worked on! Each picture takes you to the webpage!


3D Models

Here is a collection of my Highlighted 3D Art! Each Image takes you to my artstation webpage to further allow inspection of the model!

2D Art and Animations

Here is a collection of my Highlighted 2D Art!


My Name is Chad Van Patten,I am currently enrolled at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and majoring in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences(GSAS) with a concentration in 3D Animation and Modeling.I have always had a passion for games and the game industry alongside the interest of the animated films industry and hope to one day be apart of a company in those fields.Most of my work involes 3D modeling and animations done in Maya software, I have experience doing 2D Pixel art and 2D Animations. Along side this I have experience working in game engines like Unity and Unreal.


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Feel free to reach out to me via phone: (607-205-5301) or via my Email at [email protected]
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